Listed below are all the Community members who have contributed to the Race Reports section. If you would like your blog posted here then all you have to do is contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. sending me a link to your blog and permitting me to publish your ultra race reports to this site. 

Adam Connor

Al Pepper

Alex Collins

Alistair Flowers

Andrei Nana

Andrew Benham

Andy Holohan

Andrew Kay

Andy Mouncey

Angela Barron

Anupriya Kapur

Avery Frantz

Ben Wittenberg

Brie Hemingway

Callum Hattsell

Caroline Gilby

Charlie Sharpe

Charlie Shepherd

Charlotte Best

Chris Baynham-Hughes

Chris Mills

Chris Rainbow

Danny Kendall

Dan Park

Dave Douglas

David Ickringill

Davide Grazielli

Debbie Brupbacher

Debs Martin-Consani

Dominic Rigby

Gabrielle Yates

Gemma Bragg

Gemma Carter

Guy Oliver

Helen Crossland

Ian Bond

Ian Bowles

Iain Ridgway

Ian Walker

Ira Rainey

James Adams

James Elson

James Young

Jacqui Byrne

Jason Schlarb

Jez Bragg

Karl Glendenning

Keith Ainslie

Kevin O'Rourke

Krasse Gueorguiev

Laureda Tirepied

Louisa Rodriguez

Louise Karen Isaacson

Luke Ashton

Marco Consani

Mark Cockbain

Mark Griffiths

Mark Perkins

Mark Woolley

Matt Green

Melissa Arkinstall

Michael Carraz

Michelle Bowen

Mick Farrar

Mimi Anderson

Murray Turner

Neil Bryant

Nicki Edwards

Paul Ali

Paul Nesbitt

Paul Ali

Paul Giblin

Pavel PaloncĂ˝

Randall Wharton

Rich Cranswick

Richard Lendon

Richard Martin

Richard Stillion

Robbie Britton

Rob Pinnington

Sam Robson

Scott Harris

Simon Freeman

Sondre Amdahl

Steve Navesy

Steve Skedgell

Steve Speirs

Stuart Blofeld

Stuart Mills

Susan Graham

Tim Lambert

Timmy Olson

Tobit Emmens

Tony Allen

Traviss Willcox

Tremayne Dill Cowdry


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the adventures of an overweight ginger

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