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Price: £135

Weight: 340g per shoe Men’s UK 11.

Find out more at www.saucony.com

Saucony Triumph ISO 2


The Triumph ISO 2 is designed to be a plush and extremely comfortable road running shoe. It’s neutral and well-cushioned with a supportive upper and durable sole unit. All in all it sounds perfect as a high mileage training shoe - after a month of testing here’s our verdict:

The Brand:

Founded in America in 1898, Saucony are one of the oldest running brands around with a long history of involvement in road running and racing. This experience shines through in the great design of their shoes.

Ethically Saucony are far from the worst but they aren’t great either and there isn’t much on their website about corporate responsibility. It would be great if leading companies like Saucony started to prioritise these issues and publish a clear supply chain.

The Shoes:

First impression was quite a chunky but good looking shoe. Examining the Triumph it feels lighter than it looks, the finish quality is good and they appear well-made. Both men’s and women’s versions are available in five different colourways plus special Boston and Paris editions.


The Fit:

The fit and the feel of this Saucony shoe is where it really shines: it manages to gently support and protect the foot while allowing it to function naturally. The sizing is true to expectation in length and width but could accommodate a high arch comfortably. The heel cup is quite shallow, sitting lower on my Achilles than most other running shoes but still holds my heel well. I’ve found that they are most comfortable when not laced too tightly.  

The Tread:

The outer tread isn’t a continuous unit - the more durable rubber is bonded to the softer white Everun foam on all of the contact points. The toe and heel have larger areas of outsole to increase durability but the forefoot is made up of fairly widely spaced chevron lugs. The ride is smooth on the road and the grip is very good - it’s actually comparable off road to some trail running shoes.    

The Sole Unit:

The Triumph ISO 2 has a deep, plush sole unit. There’s a 30mm stack height at the heel and 22mm under the forefoot creating a 8mm drop. The Everun foam does feel very cushioned but it doesn’t feel wallowy; you don’t notice gravel but they still feel stable. I really don’t like the feeling that my shoe is trying to make my foot do something and these don’t; the transition from landing to take off feels smooth and the result is that they’re a joy to run in.


The Upper:

The upper is a breathable, reinforced mesh with additional structure around the heel and lacing points. Inside, the seamless design of the toe and heel makes them comfortable and chafe-free. One of the best design points is the tongue: it’s built into the inner so can’t ruck or slip, which also means that grit can’t get into the shoe through the lacing. Slightly stretchy flat laces run through an external foot cradle attached to the sole unit. This holds the foot well and works with the seamless heel and integrated tongue to protect the foot and create a snug, super-comfortable fit.


The Saucony Triumph ISO 2 is a great high mileage training shoe that really looks after your feet. The cushioned but grippy sole combined with the soft, well-designed upper makes them a pleasure to run in every day. They feel durable and well-made and appear to be coping well after a few hundred miles. The smooth ride, cushioning, excellent grip and light weight mean they’d also work well for longer races or rougher trails.

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