Written by Dan Edwards - http://www.therunningstories.com

If you enjoyed Andy Holgate’s tales of misadventure in the world of Ironman, you will certain enjoy Ira Rainey’s journey into the world of ultra running.

Dean Karnazes taught us about what it takes to be at very top of ultra running, wowing us in the process while Ira, inspired by Dean, gives us an insight of ultra running that the rest of us could aspire to. Potentially opening up the sport, in the same way that Andy did for the Ironman.

Like all great running books, this book mixes tales of adventure with humour. We get to hear about his trespassing exploits, his quest to ditch junk food and excessive alcohol consumption and there are some really engaging and enthralling race reports. The chapters covering the main event, the incredible 46 mile Green man challenge which he miraculously follows up with a half marathon the very next day are absolutely extraordinary.

You’ll find within this book some great insights into tackling ultra running as a beginner and the kind of tactics needed to survive.

Unlike a lot running books, this book has slightly somber and thought provoking undertones with side stories which are as equally gripping as the main event.

It’s a great read and the book makes you think, not just about how you could take the step into the world of ultra running but it will also leave you thinking about how our time is short, to get out there and go for our goals, that we need to look after our bodies in same way we would with a machine or a car, but not necessarily needing to live the life of a healthy saint, just be sensible.

5 stars *****