Written by Adrian Karn

I have been looking for a new head torch and as I use the UK designed and built Exposure lights on my bikes it was a natural choice to go for the Exposure Verso with piggy back cell.
A quick Google search for reviews came up with nothing and even posted on here (Facebook Community)but either Exposure need to work on marketing or it just didnt fit the bill for ultra runners.
Well I got the light anyway as the factory is just down the road from me so I could try it out.
Just to share my comments on the light,

It is so small and if a light can look sexy then this ticks the box.
Can be used on its own for short training runs only 45 mins at 250 lumin or drop the brightness and get up to 18 hrs. Add the carbon piggy battery and you can get 3 x the maximum burn time.
Medium setting with the piggy and you will see all through the night.

The battery in the torch is rechargeable but for multi day events you can just add a normal cell.

The only down side for me is the price but the amount that good trainers, coats and compression clothing cost I still think this light offers value.

Verdict if you can afford one Buy it, or even 2 if you need to carry a spare light for an event.



0 #1 Brian Muir 2014-11-17 10:28
Thanks for that. Likewise, I found it difficult to find a review. I use Exposure lights for cycling and think they are just immense! The Verso head torch on offer at the moment through Sportpursuit and I was considering getting one.

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