Written by William Robertson - http://williamrobertson281285.blogspot.co.uk

I don't run to be like anyone else. I run to be myself and to share the me that I've found through these long runs and meditation. To explain it easier lets talk footballers ... Ibrahimovic didn't become Zlatan by copying Ronaldo, he became his first name by acting like his first name. So people like to model themselves on others which is good and it's great to have idols but never lose yourself in it. I have my own idols and inspiration too when it comes to my life and what I've learned along with my own self discovery. I chose to share my running life, my writing, my diet and my mediation practice. I share me because that's who I am and I will give my best to hammer down my running times but I know I'm not going to catch the Kenyans or Mo Farah but that's not who I am, I'm William Robertson and I get people taking to me on a personal level by my name not a title. 

I can run over 200 miles a week, I live of plants (fruit&veg) and people question this and even put me onto other runners who have there own methods of training to tell me what to do saying and say I need rest etc etc.  I never tell others what to do but one thing they need to understand is that I do things my way and the results I have are from my way and choices from mental attitude to food. When it comes to speed work I'm back at running club as I know that being around faster runners and the the whole community in general will make me better at the sport and this helps me develop individually but with a group or even by trying out ideas I see online. The exact same as someone wanting to get of alcohol would go to alcoholics annomminis  or someone who liked books would go to book club and look up books online. We become ourselves then we develop ourselves everyday by surrounding ourselves with people who share similar goals, plans and outlooks on our day to day life. I don't go to McDonald's to say I'm vegan or to the pub to say I drink water, I'm careful what I surround myself with the same as I am careful with what I put into my mind. 
So I run to be the best me that I can be, I run for the adventure and the new people I meet on the journey. To celebrate overcoming adversity and to enjoy life and the person that I have became through all of it. There will always be faster runners but I got of a foreign mental hospital in Greece, lost 7 stone and ran a 100 mile ultra marathon as a vegan ultra running athlete now I'm happy with my choices. We all have different goals, ambitions and plans and I get my motivation and have my idols too but I don't imitate them I learn from them and my life is mine and it's about sharing who I am. I'm not telling others how to live im just sharing my story and journey through recovery and enjoying life with better health. You see the real me through running, in person or online, you see the real me on my blog and the real me in my life. Your part of it, namaste  
Smile every mile & never stop living