Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg are the two newest athletes to make COROS their official GPS Watch

COROS Wearables Inc.,makers of innovative performance GPS watches is introducing Mountain Running and Ski Mountaineering World Champion Kilian Jornet and World Champion Mountain Runner Emelie Forsberg as its newest Pro Athlete Ambassadors.

Kilian 1

This partnership is yet another sign of the COROS brand’s commitment to performance training at the highest level. To forge the relationship and be able to experience the product in a performance setting, COROS Co-Founder Lewis Wu traveled to Norway to meet them both, and join Kilian for one lap of his local ski-mountaineering training loop.

“When considering athlete partnerships, my typical way of connecting with the athlete is to go out and participate in their sport alongside them,” said Lewis Wu. He added, “I had to drag my ski equipment with me on a lengthy business trip through multiple European cities, just for a few hours adventure with Kilian…It was worth it.” 

As COROS continues to cement itself as the leader in athletic performance-focused technological innovation, Kilian and Emelie join a growing roster of truly world-class athletes that includes Eliud Kipchoge, Tommy Caldwell, Emma Bates, and Molly Seidel to name a few.

"They do a lot of things, a lot of research, they put athletes first and we can do a lot of things together…super, super excited for the adventures coming." - Kilian Jornet 

In addition to showcasing the brand’s innovative technology, COROS will help the athletes bring their stories to a wider audience. After two pregnancies, Emelie is returning to full-time training, with the goal of reclaiming her position as a world champion level athlete, and COROS will support Emelie every step of the way.

Emelie 1

"The watches are amazing, the technology is spot on and to have a team like COROS on my way back to racing is amazing. It’s a great tool and I am super excited." - Emelie Forsberg

Both Kilian and Emelie have targeted significant competitive goals for 2022. Kilian’s recently announced schedule includes returning to UTMB where the former Chamonix area resident is a 3-time champion, The Hardrock Hundred where he is a 4-time champion, and Sierra-Zinal where Kilian has won 9 times including the last 5 editions. 

“He has even bigger mountain related goals in the future which we’re excited to be a part of. I always want COROS to be a part of these amazing stories, where athletes push the boundaries of human performance,” Stated Wu. He added, “We don’t want COROS to be purely a commercial sponsor, rather we strive for the brand to truly add value to the athletes’ training. I am very excited about both Kilian and Emelie’s future goals and for COROS to be a part of something that inspires everybody to do something amazing.”

Drawn by its lightweight, size and the inclusion of all the mountain features they require, Kilian and Emelie have both selected the COROS APEX Pro (Read the URC review of the Apex Pro here) as their primary GPS Watch. The COROS APEX Pro features include Ski Touring mode with auto ascent/descent detection, SpO2 (Pulse Oximeter) sensor with specially designed Altitude mode, Trail Running Mode, Global Topographic Off-line Maps, Sapphire Glass, and more. 


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