I wanted to design some kind of test that would demonstrate how the shoe feels. How does it flex? How stiff is it? Of course this is something that we could all have very differing opinions over, so a simple test was needed that would enable a comparison between shoes. I will say now that this is most certainly not a totally serious test, but it may well give you an idea if you want to know how a shoe compares to one you already own. A little bit of fun and possibly a little use before you make that purchase.

The Test

It's simple. I take my digital bathroom scales, and I stand a shoe (brand new) on it's heel. I then push down on the toe till it has flexed around 90 degrees (as shown in the pictures). I then note the weight that is recorded and take a photo of the flexed shoe from the side to demonstrate the flex i.e. how the sole flexes. From the toe or further back. The shoes weight is subtracted from the weight to give a final score.

All results will be colated here firstly in a table for easy comparison, then below individually with the picture of each shoe going through the test.

If you would like to see your companies shoes go through the flex-test, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks to Martin at the Aviemore branch of Ellis Brigham for helping out with some of these.


 Brand  Model Flex-Test  Rating
 La Sportiva  Mutant  10.2
 La Sportiva  Helios  3.0
 La Sportiva  Helios SR  3.0
 La Sportiva  Anakonda  3.4
 La Sportiva  Bushido  6.0
 Scott  Kinabalu Supertrac  6.7
 Scott  Trail Rocket 2.0  4.9
 inov8  Race Ultra 270  4.9
 inov8  Race Ultra 290  6.6
 inov8  Roclite 282 GTX  5.0
 inov8  Roclite 295  3.8
 inov8  Terraclaw 220  3.7
 inov8  Terraclaw 250  6.8
 inov8  Mudclaw 265 (Precision fit)  5.2
 inov8  Mudclaw 300 (Precision fit)  5.1
 inov8  Talon 212 (Precision fit)  2.7
 inov8  Talon 212 (Std fit)  5.0
 inov8  Talon 190  2.4
 inov8  Roclite 286 GTX (boot)  1.3
 The North Face  Ultra Endurance  3.6
 Hoka  Speedgoat  10.5


La Sportiva - Mutant

Flex-Rating - 10.2


La Sportiva - Helios

Flex-Rating - 3.0



 La Sportiva Helios SR

Flex-Rating - 3.0



La Sportiva Anakonda

Flex-Rating - 3.4



La Sportiva Bushido

Flex-Rating - 6.0


Scott Kinabalu Supertrac

Flex-Rating - 6.7



Scott Trail Rocket 2.0

Flex-Rating - 4.9


inov8 Race Ultra 270

Flex-Rating - 4.9


inov8 Race Ultra 290

Flex-Rating - 6.6


inov8 Roclite 282 GTX

Flex-Rating - 5.0


inov8 Roclite 295

Flex-Rating - 3.8


inov8 Terraclaw 220

Flex-Rating - 3.7


inov8 Terraclaw 250

Flex-Rating - 6.8


inov8 Mudclaw 265 Precision fit

Flex-Rating - 5.2


inov8 Mudclaw 300 Precision Fit

Flex-Rating - 5.1


inov8 Talon 212 Standard Fit

Flex-Rating - 5.0


inov8 Talon 212 Precision Fit

Flex-Rating - 2.7


inov8 Talon 190

Flex-Rating - 2.4


inov8 Roclite 286 GTX (boot)

Flex-Rating - 1.3


Hoka Speedgoat

Flex-Rating - 10.5


The North Face Ultra Endurance

Flex-Rating - 3.6



#3 Pete Morgan 2015-04-28 22:05
I'm surprised by the Trail Rocket - although I only ran in the first version - I would have thought it was at least as flexible as the Helios. The Trail Rocket felt lighter than the Helios, and transitioned really well, but that may have been the subtle rocker I suppose.
Shame they narrowed it for v2.0..
+1 #2 Neil Bryant 2015-04-15 09:02
Yes correct Chris. The number equates to kgs. So as you can see the Scott Kinabalu Supertrac is pretty much double the La Sportiva Helios. Which feels about right to me having run in both shoes. Anyone else tried two of these shoes and have an opinion on how relevant the score is to the feel of the shoe?
#1 Chris Baynham-Hughes 2015-04-14 19:31
So the lower the number the more flexible the shoe relative to its weight right?

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