Avoalre recently contacted me asking if I would like to test their new socks. I hadn't heard of them, which is probably as they have no other running products in their product line, but I thought why not. 

Avoalre socks

I do like good gear, but also don't believe that you have to spend lots of money to get high quality. Socks are a case-in-point as far as I am concerned. A sock need to fit well, be durable, seamless (ideally) and not hold on to moisture too long. Other than that though, they are no where near as complex as shoes or a bag for example. The knitting machine technology has got too a point where socks that tick these boxes can be produced relatively cheaply, and the socks from Avoalre are a perfect example.

They come in packs of three that cost just £17:99 and that is before the extra 5% off using the code below.

I have worn them a few times, and they are a great, foot hugging fit, and the coolmax helps to stop my feet overheating (which they do a lot!). They have some padding in the toe and heel which adds to the comfort, especially on those longer runs. All in all, they are all I need in a sock at a great price.

If like me, socks are the most neglected piece of gear you have, then why not grab yourself a three pack of Avoalre socks.

Use this link https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B09CKM5P64 and get the 5% discount here is the code LMDQCOCZ

If you are in France like me, use this link https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B09CKM5P64 And get the 10% discount, here is the code RYTSCKEM