Written by Anthony Stevens - https://www.oldiesultras.com/

2022 Silva Northern Traverse: 2-4 April 2022


There is something special about Coast-to-Coast races. Something about the fact that when you finish you physically cannot go any further without running into the sea.

Written by Harry Adair

This is just a short(ish) report for those who were perhaps tracking or following my progress and wondering why I was so slow and why I gave up with only 32 miles left to go.  

Some background info. I was running this race with Ben Hall, one of my running chums from the Marathon des Sables in 2015. We had both tried to do this race in 2016 along with Gavin Fletcher, another MDS chum, but Ben pulled out half way between Shap and Kirkby Stephens and I gave up at Kirkby Stephens, Gavin made it to the end.

Written by - Antonio Codina

The why

I just love running winter ultras in the UK, which is strange because I am Spanish and in theory I am more adapted to milder climate. How the hell did I end up embracing being out for hours in the cold, wet and darkness of the UK winters? I have lived in the north east of England for a number of years and I love it here, but I can tell you that the first two years I found the winters very long and dark. I am sure I was even suffering from SAD. Slowly I started to make friends and know the area better and I started to do a lot of hiking and climbing in winter. I discovered that the best antidote for winter blues was to get out in the elements regardless of the weather. Believe me, when you come back home after a winter day in the hills you are glad to be indoors. Yes, that is right, instead of being sick of being at home you are glad to be in the house! I also find that there is something satisfying about being out there when the weather is shit while most of the people are indoors.

Written by - Colin Bathe

February 1st/2nd 2019 - Cornwall

At school I was always the second to last person to get picked for a team in games. This was because I was rubbish. Games wasn’t something I hated like some people, it was just that I wasn’t very good at it. I would like to think I did better at the cross country running but I think this was mainly due to the kids who were bunking off in the middle of the course coming in behind me.